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RLD Metaverse is a cyberpunk themed P2E adult blockchain game, inspired by the Red LightDistrict, Amsterdam. Sticking with the general architectural values, a new design is made to build a futuristic version of the city.

RLD Metaverse NFTs are all unique 3D models and tools that can be used in the city. These NFTs will be generated by an algorithm based on specific themes. There are Character NFTs, Sex Toy NFTs and Room NFTs in various themes to be used in fully interactable adult gaming sessions.

Within the city, players can complete quests, make friends, play fully uncensored realistic adult games, visit the playground to play mini games for daily rewards, join live events, rent/stake NFTs and earn Reputation Points to unlock considerable perks.

**RLD Metaverse allows players to host or join real time adult games, and earn RLM and REP Points.


Beta Game Completed


RLD Metaverse is a realistic adult blockchain game for PC & VR which is being developed using Unity (HDRP).

RLD Metaverse uses Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as prefered blockchain because it creates a fully equipped environment for developing high performance decentralized applications with lower transaction times and fees.


Unique NFT's



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