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The adult industry is expected to exceed the market cap value of $300 Billion dollars by the end of 2025. Increased accessibility of content resulted in increased demand for content as well. During this time, many adult platforms emerged from live streams to adult gaming to satisfy and adapt the demand. On the other hand, emerging technologies such as VR and AR have brought a new level of immersion to the industry where it plays a huge role for the experience as a whole.


RLM is the in game currency of Red Light Metaverse, an adult blockchain PC/VR game that allows players to experience Single Player and Multiplayer erotic adventures in the various fetish rooms and clubs offered by the game in a redesigned metaverse city inspired by the lovely Red Light District, Amsterdam.

RLM welcomes everyone regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and aims to provide every participant a unique and excited journey full of fantasies according to their desires. Meanwhile, we aim to ensure privacy to players and keep hateful souls as away as possible from them and the platform. Therefore, our 2 layered game design allows us to protect and preserve the total energy of the Red Light Metaverse for every participant. We know that individual confidence breeds intimacy, and results in clear reflections of emotions and desires for any community as a whole.

Taking this into consideration, RLM’s game design provides its users solo or collaborative rooms and clubs to play with their NFTs and collect various good memories while making a considerable amount of profit. Players gain reputation points as they proceed along the game and interact with other players and the game itself. These points differentiate players by their experience and activeness in the platform, and provide some serious perks to players as their REP points increase. In other words, increased reputation means more experience, so it attracts more people and simply more income.

To sum up, Red Light Metaverse allows people to host and join real time sexual entertainment events, trade/stake NFTs, and satisfy their sexual desires while making profit.


Financially, RLM aims its users to have a satisfying level of income while spending their valuable time exploring the city and playing sex games. There are several ways yet to earn income in Red Light.

 – Buy/Sell NFTs

– Rent NFTs (Stake it for certain APR + get paid each time your NFT is hired)

– Increase REP (Reputation Points) to boost your “NFT Staking Returns” as well as your profile to attract more people

Globally, RLM’s number one priority is to offer a private and welcoming platform for everyone and kindly let them discover and roleplay their sexual fantasies and deepest desires while making friends and partners from all around the world.


Next Gen. MetaVerse Game Coming Soon


Red Light Metaverse is being developed using Unity as the preferred game engine.

Because Unity provides slightly better solutions for complex functions than other engines and allows developers to do VR integrations in a smoother way for such a project with full of interaction.

After the launch of the full version of the PC game, the dev team will focus on delivering the VR ready version of the game for players to experience their collection and the game in a much immersive way using VR. To play the game, each player needs an account (nickname and password) linked to his/her wallet which can be created in the official website of Red Light Metaverse


Red Light Metaverse is based on a single player mode where it flourishes into a collective multiplayer game as you want it to be. The reasons behind this design is:

I. To provide privacy and security
II. To keep away the hateful people from reaching players easily and preserve the love and respect within the city as people partner up
III. To provide more detailed and immersive gaming experience
IV. To provide a layered gameplay to people who enjoy their time not necessarily interacting with others (introverts and solo players)

In the city, players can visit NFT Marketplace to buy NFTs of models, sex toys, rooms or tickets for special events. In addition, they can go to the playground to play mini games and spin the wheel for daily awards, visit single or multiplayer fetish rooms and live events. Players can also stake their NFTs to have passive income and REP points.


RLM is a reinterpreted metaverse city inspired by the Red Light District, Amsterdam.
Sticking with the architectural values and structural shapes of the city as a whole, a new
design was made mostly focusing on textures and lights to achieve building a futuristic
version of the city

Single Player

In order to play single player, players need a model (character) NFTs and Room NFTs. The game is still playable since these can also be rented/hired through the NFT Marketplace. After the player selects a solo room, he/she can also pay the related amount and hire any available NFTs from the NFT Marketplace and summon them to play. A player can summon multiple NFTs independent from his/her ownership of the related NFT. Each room has an in-game menu for the things that can be ordered from the RED Bar and NFT Marketplace. Red Bar sells consumables like champagne, cocktails etc. to make your experience a memorable one by boosting the joy. Meaning that the higher the pleasure and joy, the higher the income and the reputation points for the players. This will be clarified in the Game Economy section.


Other than playing solo, players can create or join rooms in Red Light Metaverse and make a considerable amount of income by hosting and joining sexual entertainment events. In order to be a host, the player needs to create a room by paying the game a certain amount of RLM Token which will be used for burns, buybacks and development transparently. To create a room, players select a certain themed room, decide on the max number of participants, set the entrance fee and the title of the room. On the other hand, players who would like to join any room need to pay the entrance fee which was previously set by the host. When a player requests to join a room, others inside the room are notified and the host is in charge to accept or deny it. After the payment is made, the newcomer joins the room and takes his/her place among others.

During the process of newcomer’s approval, people could see each others’ NFTs, REPs, nicknames and profile info

Currency (RLM): RLM Token is used for in-game purchases (RED Bar), tips, trading and renting NFTs, creating a room, joining a room and summoning NFTs.

Reputation (REP): REP can be described as in-game experience points of players that grants them some perks as it increases. Reputation point indicates players’ activeness, versatility and influence from other players’ perspective. Therefore, it plays a huge role in your profile that can be seen by others within the platform. Higher reputation points grants people higher interest rates on staking their NFTs (Tiers and ratios will be stated later on). Also, gives them a better chance to be chosen among other hosts when they create or join multiplayer rooms.

Play to Earn: Players can earn RLM token and Reputation Points (REP) by playing the game actively, doing quests, hosting/joining a room or just by staking/renting their NFT Models and Rooms to have passive income. The rarer or popular the NFT, the higher the prices.

Tools: There are Character NFTs, Room NFTs, Sex Toy NFTs and Ticket NFTs as in-game tools for Red Light Metaverse.

Character NFTs are the limited edition 3D NFTs of in-game models generated by an algorithm whose presale will be made following the token sale. Initially, there will be 200 characters and more will be added as NFT series as the project proceeds along the way to the full game. Owners of these NFTs can summon and play with them in a selected fetish room depending on their desires. Also, owners can summon multiple NFTs and combinethem in a single room. Players can buy/sell or hire these NFTs to single or multiplayer rooms.

Room NFTs have various types that can be differentiated from each other by their themes, size and detail. People who own Room NFTs can play limitless sessions using the Room NFT they have or they can rent it to people by placing it on NFT Marketplace. People who own Room NFTs still pay a smaller fee for creating a room compared to those who don’t own for a Room NFT. The game also provides all types of fetish rooms for a certain price, for a certain period of time.

Sex Toy NFTs will be a collection of 3D interactable NFTs that can be used in your adventures as they are like a cherry on the top. The collection will be displayed.

Ticket NFTs will be used as tickets for certain events that are planning to occur at Red Light Metaverse like live shows and launches of adult content including VR & AR applications.


Using mouse and keyboard, players are free to explore the city and play adult games solo or with others.

Further info and user experience will be added once it is completed.

Red Light Metaverse is a high quality adult blockchain game for PC & VR which is being developed in Unity. We use Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because it creates a fully equipped environment for developing high performance decentralized applications with lower transaction times and fees which became more and more popular since the beginning of the previous year.

The game is one of a kind adult blockchain game in the ecosystem that >

provides a considerable amount of income and high quality erotic content and games for people all around the world. A world where people explore and chase their sexual desires, sharing the love with people and even make friends while having a passive income.

In addition to its unique design and quality, Red Light Metaverse aims to form business partnerships with the live platforms and studios that are leading the adult content sector to provide a wider range of content and events for the community. Meanwhile, RLM allows partners to use the billboards and ad areas within the city to reach and notify users with their upcoming content and events as well as getting them in-game products as well.

In addition to possible partnerships, there is a huge potential in having massive organic marketing from the community and the players if it’s supported smoothly. To achieve this, we aim to release a wider range of content series such as double character NFTs. (Twins, pairs) and deeper content that would bring much noise to the community. A metaverse where pleasure is rewarded with more pleasure and income prioritizing privacy.


Sexual expectation and prefered theme of the global audience have always been one of the main concerns of creating adult content.

Before the start of the development cycle, RLM Team has made a wide range of paper reviews and research on trending adult content, themes, sexual preferences, and platforms globally to serve and fully satisfy each participant. To clarify, RLM Team doesn’t pick collections and content randomly. Instead, the team has done deep research considering global trends and created a launch plan to provide the right content at the right time.

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