Experience a fully immersive adult gaming metaverse...

RLD Metaverse is a cyberpunk themed P2E adult blockchain game, inspired by the Red LightDistrict, Amsterdam. Sticking with the general architectural values, a new design is made to build a futuristic version of the city.

RLD Metaverse NFTs are all unique 3D models and tools that can be used in the city. These NFTs will be generated by an algorithm based on specific themes. There are Character NFTs, Sex Toy NFTs and Room NFTs in various themes to be used in fully interactable adult gaming sessions.

Within the city, players can complete quests, make friends, play fully uncensored realistic adult games, visit the playground to play mini games for daily rewards, join live events, rent/stake NFTs and earn Reputation Points to unlock considerable perks.

**RLD Metaverse allows players to host or join real time adult games, and earn RLM and REP Points.




Join & Host Adult Gaming Sessions

Choose your NFT Characters and Toys, join or host Single and Multiplayer sessions depending on your choice. Combine NFTs and have a unique experience for each session. Visit NFT marketplace for available NFTs (Characters, Toys or Room) to also use them in your erotic adventures. Explore various strip clubs and rooms to have private shows.



Players can earn RLD token and Reputation Points (REP) by hosting/joining a room, playing the game actively, doing quests or just by staking/renting their NFTs to have passive income. REP Points is similar to the concept of experience points, it shows the players’ activeness and experience within the platform and provides some perks. Collecting these unique NFTs in RLD Metaverse will simply make you a content provider to people who want to use it in their adventures. Follow the periodic NFT Releases, and collect these NFTs to have a share of the total content and become a content provider by renting your NFTs to any player in any play mode.

2022 - Q1

Red Light Metaverse Project Launch
Game Development Team
Blockchain Development Team
NPC Character Design & Animations
3D Level Design Development Starts
Community Team
Create the Initial Web Site
Create Game Design
➔ First Trailer

2022 - Q2

➔ Release Litepaper
➔ RLM 3D Design Started
➔ RLM 3D Character Design Started
➔ R&D to Provide Trending Content
➔ Start the Game Development
➔ Avatar Creation
➔ Create 3D NFT Collections
➔ NFT Minting System
➔ Seed Sale
➔ RLD Token Presale
➔ RLD Token Staking

2022 - Q3

➔ NFT Presale
➔ NFT Staking
➔ Beta Trailer
➔ Beta Test
➔ DEX Listing
➔ Periodic NFT Collection Release
➔ NFT Marketplace Go Live

2022 - Q4

➔ Final Test
➔ Final Game Launch
➔ CEX Listing
➔ VR Integration
➔ Partnerships with leader adult content companies
➔ Host events in metaverse
➔ Provide live adult content
➔ Periodic NFT Collection Release

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