Navigate through a meticulously designed virtual world, discovering clubs, bars, and secret locations where adventure awaits.


Engage with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories and desires. Dialogue choices affect your relationships and the outcomes of your quests.


Earn, trade, and spend in-game currency. Our blockchain technology ensures secure transactions and true ownership of in-game assets.




Join & Host Adult Gaming Sessions

Choose your NFT Characters and Toys, join or host Single and Multiplayer sessions depending on your choice. Combine NFTs and have a unique experience for each session. Visit NFT marketplace for available NFTs (Characters, Toys or Room) to also use them in your erotic adventures. Explore various strip clubs and rooms to have private shows.



Players can earn RLD token and Reputation Points (REP) by hosting/joining a room, playing the game actively, doing quests or just by staking/renting their NFTs to have passive income. REP Points is similar to the concept of experience points, it shows the players’ activeness and experience within the platform and provides some perks. Collecting these unique NFTs in RLD Metaverse will simply make you a content provider to people who want to use it in their adventures. Follow the periodic NFT Releases, and collect these NFTs to have a share of the total content and become a content provider by renting your NFTs to any player in any play mode.


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